Friday, 16 November 2012

Week 4 Of University (Thurs 1 Nov)

Today, we began to look at pre-production and the role of a producer, but before that, we had an opening activity: we, in groups, pretended to be a production company whose six-strong documentary crew had gotten trapped in a cave and could only be rescued one at a time, with the last two being most likely to die, and we had to make a decision of who went first.

The people we had to pick from included Helen (a pregnant woman with two children), Amy (an elderly woman who was the presenter and something of a celebrity), Ralf (who is unpopular with the crew and may have fascist leanings), Lev (who, despite having a background of accomplishment, had a drinking problem), Mimi (who's new and has a rich father) and Louis (who may or may not be the father of Helen's child). My group elected to have Helen go first (unborn child), then Amy (age and celebrity status), then Louis (fatherhood), then Mimi (her father could sue us), then Lev (who does have some achievements to his name) and finally, Ralf (who was unpopular with the crew and may be a neo-nazi).

Afterwards, we were spilt into two groups, each with a producer (I was for my group) and asked to go off and do pre-production for a shoot of two montages (including location scouting and a pitch). We split the roles amongst ourselves (director, location manager, lighting, sound etc.) and then went off around the univeristy to look for ideal locations, and then how we would set up our equipment within them.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed today's activities. My team were very commited, they knew what they had to do and got on with working professionally as a film crew without any difficulty, and I gained more appreciation for the work a producer does and how important it can be to keeping things running smoothly on a film.

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