Friday, 30 November 2012

Week 5 (Mon 5 Nov)

NOTE: The title from now on will be shortened to just week number and date.

Today's sessions were focused on the subject of fairytales: In the lecture, we watched the French musical-fantasy Donkey Skin (1970) by director Jacques Demy, which tells the story of a princess who, being desired by her father, is forced to flee, disguised as an ugly crone wearing the titular skin.

Then, in the seminars, we were then asked to pitch a fairytale film based on one from our own cultures/heritage. We went with a french tale about a girl who is sent by her evil stepmother to a forest, where she meets a talking tree who guides her to a witch, and then, after performing a set of fixed objectives for her, is given wishes. When she returns, the stepmother sends her own daughters out who, not complying with the rules and being rude to the witch and tree, end up getting their wish twisted and get killed.

Our adaptation included setting the story in Norman Brittany (circa 900AD), giving the main girl a name (Valerie), adding in additionally backstory (Valerie's mother died a long time ago, her stepmother's former husband died suspiciously, the witch refering to a possible past encounter with Valerie's mother, have the father going off sailing abroad to earn money after the wasteful habits of Valerie's stepmother etc.

In closing, today's session was quiet fun, the group bouncing around a lot of ideas and us even having fun with how far we could push the envelope in terms of taste and darkness in our version (we had the sisters die via raining gold!) and everyone contributed to the discussion.

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