Saturday, 1 December 2012

Week 6 - Reading Week (12, 13 & 14 Nov)

This week, we had Reading Week, a time to study and prepare any major assignments for the various modules that make up the course.

Here's how mine went:
  • Monday:
At the end of the previous lesson, my group was set a task where we had to go off and research a mythological character, and make a presentation out of research (consisting of the original story, film & TV, literature, art, music and business). I was tasked with music (albums and their names, musicals, songs etc.) and I was also the builder of the presentation, compiling the information the other had found out concerning their categories into slides.

I felt that this went well, and everyone contributed their piece. In particular, this gave me chance to know the others better and we got on really well with each other, without the awkwardness of say, an ice breaker session.
  • Tuesday
I was to rondevous with my group from Film Language and Production, and discuss ideas for a recreation of a scene from a film. However, not everyone showed up (just me and Zane) and, though we discussed clips, mine being from the 2008 action film, Taken, we felt it was better to bring the team together on Facebook later and discuss our various clips and ideas for recreations.

This was rather dissapointed by the lack of appearances this day, and I feel we should have had a much stronger and clearer line of communication with the rest of the team to make sure that everyone is there on time and ready to go.
  • Wednesday
Today, we a different group from Film Language and Production, we had to redo the ten shot sequence, but with moving footage instead of stills like last time. Renting out sound equipment and a camera, we went to the park and recreated a scene where two characters meet ina  park, and exchange a mysterious package. I was the sound technician for this task, ensuring there were no unwanted sounds or static while we were filming, as well as helping to transport equipment. However, after viewing our intial footage, we found it unusable due to an incorrect shutter speed, as our camera op had forgot to set it properly. We tried a second time, only to find it was still wrong, but third time lucky, we got it right and we left the footage to our editor to put together, adding in music to add additional tension and suspense.

Once again, the thrill and joy of a pratical assignment, as well as getting in a few good laughs from some hiccups and errors here and there, made this a fun assignment and we worked well as a team, with no real arguments or disputes between members, and even with the mistake concerning the footage, the team just got togther and did it again, undaunted, which really impressed me and showed me their commitment.

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