Sunday, 9 December 2012

Week 7 (Thurs 22 Nov)

In today's lesson, we looked at the role of a producer, and the entire production that a film goes through:

A typical film production timeline- 
  1. Script (and synopsis)
  2. Hire cast/crew
  3. Storyboard
  4. Location planning (and permissions, if needed)
  5. Health and Safety
  6. Scheduling
  7. Equipment hire
  1. Filiming
  1. Transfer & Log
  2. Logging/Binning
  3. 1st Assembly
  4. 1st rough cut
  5. 2nd rough cut
  6. Final rough cut
  7. Graphics/music.sound effects
  8. Fine Edit
  9. Colour grading/audio mix
  10. Final cut agreed
  11. Save/backup
  12. Export
  13. Upload
  14. Final Film
After, we looked at our previous week's task, concerning the ten shot footage, and gave constructive criticism to one another concerning elements such as sound. lighting, framing and editing: My group's work was initially praised, but after discussion, many felt the music was a little too overpowering, and the object in the package was a little confusing and didn't really fit with the tone we set.

Also, we quickly looked at the scenes each team decided to recreate: ours was a tie between Taken (as mentioned in a previous post) and the toilet scene from the comedy Bad Teacher, the reason being our concern over the complexity of the former (being one continous take) and the locaiton of the latter (finding a suitable toilet and time in which to film). We decided to go back once more and re-evaluate possible ideas.

In conclusion, I felt today's lesson, while not as interactive or practical as some of the past ones, was still engaging and I myself was surprised at how much there was to deal with in professional film making (I have film production experience, having made short films before, but never to this extent or with this many stages).

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