Sunday, 9 December 2012

Week 7 (Wed 21 Nov)

Today, we went to a workshop in DMW4 and looked at titles and title sequence.

We began by taking a look at some titles by legendary designer Saul Bass, such as his titles for Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest, and how he used animation, strong colours and bold lettering to grab the viewer's attention right off the bat. After, we opened up Final Cut Pro and began to experiment, typing in a title (and playing around with the font type and colour) and using keyframes to animate movement, with the computer filling in the rest between KFs, making it look as if the text was spinning around the screen. Afterwards, we tested our work out on top of acutal footage (pre shot footage of the Grove), laying it on top and then, using these 'special' points around the text, anchored it to a set part of the screen, and even if the camera moved or pulled back, the text stayed on that spot and shrank/followed that part of the image instead of moving around unattached.

To close off, today's lesson was relatively short, hence why this post wasn't as 'meaty' as others, and there wasn't that much in the way of industry 'technobabble' or specific 'artistic' terminology. However, in spite of that, this was a really enjoyable lesson and it actually surprised me that tools we use at university are used by industry professionals, rather than being dumbed down 'beginner' versions.

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