Saturday, 5 January 2013

Week 10 (Thurs 13 Dec)

Today's workshop began with going over some sound equipment, and going over a special type of portable mic we could use in future production (going over its buttons (your standard play/pause/stop, volume control and a few others that affected sound), software (all the different functions and options the mic gives you for storage, sound levels, quality etc.) and the media it took (SD Cards).

Then, we got into the meat of the session: the directing workshop. We had to go off, in teams and make up a floor plan for a sequence where Character A goes into a room, Character B is sat at a desk, the two talk, A makes a remark and then leaves, and present that before the entire group and talk about it and why it should be selected. After the team with the best plan for the sequence was selected, the entire group was marshalled out to various crew roles: I was made boom operator (and teamed with another classmate who was the sound recordist). After we got the equipment in place according to the flooor plan, and the director had checked everyhting, we began shooting part of the sequence, and to be honest, I found the boom mic quite heavy and substantial, and it was a strain on my arms and back, though I had to surpress the pain and stand still to record correctly.

To close off, today's session, aside from the arm ache, was quite interesting, and being able to finally get into a full blown filming scenario was quite riveting and engrossing, and the enitre crew got on with the task without messing around or slacking off.

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