Sunday, 27 January 2013

Week 11 (Thurs 20 Dec) and Term Evaluation

Today, I carried editing under Nina's direction, laying out more of the sequence and, in particular, focusing on a segment that involved the audio from one clip playing over a completely different one, and it took a good bit of refining to get the timing and tracking right so as not to throw off either the viewer or the rest of the sequence.

Then, at about 4:00pm, we, along with Yahya and Jessica, were called into a tutoral wiith Helen to discuss our progress thus far. After relaying the details of our production, at where we were at at present, she then took a look at our rough cut, and pointed out a damning flaw: the camera was visible in several shots via a mirror! Though I protested that, given it was a dressing room, it could be dimissed as a background prop, and any image changes would be visually harmful, Helen argued otherwise and said it would be better to find a way around this or alter the shots to mask the blatant gaff.

Afterwards, we all agreed to meet up again after the Christmas break and continue editing. In conclusion, I feel this term, while the occassional communication blunder and the setback of the last assignment for Film Language were definitely setbacks and extremely irritating, to be a very promising strat: I like the people in the class, who all have various talents and are committed, the tutors are well versed in their subject and are understanding, and the work has definitely intrigued me and my creative instincts a number of times, especially in the Storytelling module, where I feel we got into some really interesting discussion and got to play around with many ideas and concepts.

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