Friday, 4 January 2013

Week 8 (Wed 28 Nov)

Today was focused on editing the 'Recreation of A Scene from a film' assignment (the scene choice had been changed,and now we selected the bedroom scene from Darren Aronofosky's Requiem for A Dream). During the last two weeks, the rest of the team had gone out and filmed the scene (staying up until past midnight to get everything done!) and now, I stepped in to play my part, having been selected as editor of the final piece.

Zane, our team leader and director, and Zay, our producer and production assistant, brought in the footage via memory cards and memory sticks, which I then imported onto a Mac at DMW4, and then went through and renamed each of the clips according to their shot type and what was in it (e.g. CUDavid4: The fourth take of a close up on of the actors) or in their relation to narrative (e.g. MSBeautifulgirl2: the second take of David saying 'You were the most beautiful girl I had ever seen'). After, I opened up Final Cut Pro, imported the clips into it and then began to build the sequence, assited by a timeline provided by Zane that told me what clips needed to be where, as well as having the original scene on hand for reference (meanwhile, Zay worked on fixing up the sound from the seperate recordings (one done by the actors to a microphone for better sound quality), which she would later give to me and I would, in turn, import and add to the film).

What made this unique, and challenging, for me was that the scene had two different shots running simulatenously within the same frame, which I was able to accomplish via shrinking two shots down so each would occupy half of the screen (they would occupy different layers on the FC timeline). In some cases, I had to alter the colour or temperature of the shots if the light was too strong/weak, or crop the shot if it was a little too big and didn't sync up with the other one.


I was editing from about 12am to about 7pm, with a lunch break circa about 2, whereafter I had to leave due to personal circumstances (I leave in another part of London, and I travel by Underground, so I couldn't be too late in case of delays or accidents. Additionally, I have elderly parents.) I had completed half of the sequence (having to sync up different shots within the same frame eats up considerable more time than editing a more conventional scene), and exported it online to Zane, who checked over it and finished it up.

My final thoughts on this are that it was both a very interesting but also frustrating experience: it gave me a new challenge with the syncing, and it was interesting to find out how it was. However, this also meant, both due to this style and my inexperience with it, that editing, a field I have experience in, was slower than normal, and I feel that, had I not been bound by personal circumstances, I could have worked longer and gotten the whole thing done.

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