Friday, 4 January 2013

Week 9 (Thurs 6 Dec)

Today, we didn't actually have a full lesson, rather, we had an appointment with Eddie to pitch an idea for a film based on a story we worked on in Storytelling for The Screen, having gotten ourselves into teams (whether in class or through Facebook), as well as providing production paperwork.

However, we missed this bit of information, and so only showed up (the team made up of myself, Ertan, Gergo and Jessica, though she wasn't there) with only the script. Before too long, we were 'hauled over the coals' by Eddie, explaining to us in 'his' style how badly we had messed up something this basic, which was worse than normal given that this whole tutorial, aside from not being able to proceed as it should have due to lack of said paperwork, but it also acted as a dry run for actual pitches that will have to do if we want to get our films made by the industry, and this made us look really bad and incompetent.

Also, he questioned the viability of the project, given that four people was far too small (some of us having to take maybe three or four jobs, not helped by Gergo's departure in two weeks time for Christmas) and that, coupled with the earlier blunder, made our project, as it stood, unviable.

I was very dissappointed, both in the team and myself today: While I do say that the lecturers could have done a better job informing us of the need for paperwork in class instead of on Facebook (where it quickly became lost among all the posts), I feel we should have been better organized and maybe thought things out better, maybe have an extra meeting the previous day just to iron out any 'bumps'. Also, I feel it was a tad selfish for to take on the majority of roles (I was director, camera and editor, as well as co-writer of the script), given that I would have to lead the team when Gergo went, instead of dividing them more carefully.

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