Sunday, 3 February 2013

Week 12 (Reading Week - Tues 15 Jan)

Today was the screening of all the shorts films made as the final assignment of Film Language. Ours, entitled Spotlight, based on the fable of the Tortoise and the Hare, was shown second. Feedback was mixed, with praise going towards my editing, Nina's direction, the acting and the ambition of the piece, especially the audition sequence alternating between the two girls, but criticism was levelled at the grainy sound for an internal monolouge of one of the girls, some shots being a little bland or overlong, the characters being pedestrain and conventional, and the ending not being accurate to actual theatrical auditions and procedure.

Other films were based on Red Riding Hood (the best one involved using the colouration technique from Spielberg's Schindler's List, with the world being in black and white save for the jacket of the main girl), and The Good Samaritan (the best of which also used some really elegant black and white photography, and another made use of some TarantinoXEdgar Wright style writing and humour, making it probably the most fun of all the shorts.)

To cap off, I was quite surprised with the creativity and effort being put on display with these short films. Yes, some did succumb to those 'student-first film' traps (blantant, telegraphed symbolism, overworked camera, questionable lighting and sound work, cliched moments i.e. creepy guys sniffing gloves, revenge plots etc.) but a number of them really made the most of the limited resources they had, and I certainly look forward to working with some of these people in the future.

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