Sunday, 10 February 2013

Week 13 (Thurs 24 Jan)

Moving on to Thursday's workshop, we began by going over our experiences making the final projects last term (for more, look up my previous posts concerning the production of 'Spotlight' with Nina Shaw). We then got a quick rundown of the upcoming term and activities (a couple of workshops, making a commercial and campaign film, as well as what I will get to in a moment). We then turned to our new assignment, 'Space': to make a short 2-5 minute film that shows our concept of what space is. To get a general feel, we were shown some of the work of previous years, so as to be concious of what NOT to do (overlong titles that pad, indulgent shots that dwell too long and above all, NOT making the piece an advert or music video (we saw one set in a riverside park with a girl in a skimpy outift who, poor thing, was red all over from the cold, not helped by an overbearing song underscoring the entire piece).

We were parcelled off into pairs, and I ended up with Alex Dima. We exchanged contact details and agreed to email each other, thinking up seperate ideas over the weekend. In closing, today went quite well, as not only did it give us a chance to reflect and share criticism with one another, but it was also interesting seeing other peoples' attempts at tackling this subject, so we were aware of what traps to avoid when making this, and ensure our film had a meaning to it and not end up being a prententious 'artsy' piece with no rhyme, reason or accesibility. I very much look forward to this challenge, and well, fingers crossed!

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