Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Week 14 (Fri 1 Feb) Space Production

Today, I went over to Alex's dorm in Colindale to help film our segment: with assistance from Jesper, we filmed some shots and pans of Alex's room, first in a barren state, then in a brighten up condition, bringing in posters and various trinkets to give the room some personality and life. After, we assited Jesper in the filming of his piece, doing some quick shots in the student kitchen, which necessitated us moving the chairs and tables around, and then outside in the car park, where we did very exaggerated strolls and movements ala Inspector Closeau, pretending to measure the ground.

This is a short update, as I can't really say more than today was quite fun: Jesper and Alex were a good and polite team, not to mention quite fun, often bantering back and forth about ideas on the fly as they shot and planned each new shot, and Alex's resourcefulness with such limited time and resources has to be commended, which, as a producer, I find a very strong asset and would definitely make me want to work with him again in the future.

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