Sunday, 17 February 2013

Week 14 (Wed 30 & Thurs 31 Jan)

On Wednesday, there was supposed to be a workshop dealing with sound and how to manipulate it in Final Cut Pro, but computer and software malfunctions meant that we could do it practically, and it became more of a lecture. Looking at an example from an American airplane documentary, we looked at sound levels, how to seperate the video and audio via 'locks' on the timeline, and how to manipulate the sound to fade in and out by clicking on 'points' in the timeline.

Moving on to Thursday, we began today's lesson by talking, in our pairs, about our ideas for our short films concerning Space: I came up with an idea where our main character is enduring stress before a major exam, and every time we cut to him, the space around him changes size to reflect that e.g. depression and strees would lead to a very small confined space, while success would mean big, wide open spaces. The group responded well to the idea, but questioned its workability and how well the idea would translate to screen, which certainly got me and my partner thinking. Afterwards, we then did a film making exercise, where we took on roles and go to practise using the dolly, a camera on rails that allowed us to follow the characters very smoothly without any of the jerkiness of handheld. The first half, I was second AD, helping the cinematographer with the camera, moving he camera where needed and changing the lens when required. Then, in the second half, when we got new roles, I was Dolly grip, which meant I'm the one who moves the camera while its travelling on the rails and surprisingly, it's not heavy at all (unlike being a boom operator!) and was really smooth.

With class concluded, me and Alex, my partner, went away and thought about our idea. We decided it wasn't workable and instead swapped it out for another idea, where we would film his room and look at 'personal space'. We would film it over the weekend, with assistance from a fellow classmate.

Going over my thoughts, Wednesday was fairly uneventful, though no fault of the tutor, hence why I could only offer a short recap, and I have a feeling this will probably be rescheduled for the fututre and it will go significantly better next time. As for Thursday, I really got into today's lesson: everyone produced interesting ideas and they really brought up a number of different approaches to space, some literal, some metaphorical, and I was impressed with a lot of the creativity. The second half, however, I really enjoyed: it was good to get some more hands-on experience on a film set, and we had a good laugh while making it and had good camaraderie with each other, essential for good, smooth film making.

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