Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Week 15 (Wed 6 & Thurs 7)

On Wednesday, we were meant to have our next Editing workshop, but once again, fate had other plans: No one turned up for the 10-12 workshop, and I waited for half an hour for people to show up, managing to have a little chat with the technician while there (forgot the chap's name, but he started out as a Sonic Sound exclusive tutor, until moving into more general sound).

As for Thursday, we showed our 'Space' shorts today, which, after each, we would give constructive feedback to. Ours, dealing with personal space as personified by Alex's room, was met quite positively, with praise going towards the use of contrasting colours and lighting to indicate the two different moods of the room in the film (a dull, washed out white for gloom, while being a bright, vibrant orange for a more joyous sentiment), as well as some nice shot variety, mixing up different angles, shots sizes and even some track and panning to give the room a sense of size and scale, but there was some criticism at the use of static at the beginning, which was a little too loud and harsh.

In conclusion, Wednesday was, frankly, a complete waste and I can't really comment nor analyse, save for raving about the lack of attention my classmate apparently give to the actual schedule. Thursday, though, was a considerable step up, thanks in part to the sheer variety of styles and approaches taken: some going for psychological space, including a black and white dance video about expression, and some more literal, like one dealing with a jar being filled with an assortment of objects, challenging the perception of 'full', and the class really provided some interesting and insightful critiques of each others film, without being overly harsh or pompous.

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