Sunday, 3 March 2013

Week 17 (Thurs 21 Feb - Production Theory 2)

Today was cut short due to a previous appointment I had elsewhere in London, so I can only speak to what happened in the first half: We rewatched the Darth Vader-Volkswagen commercial, making notes on the stylistic choices taken by the makers in selling the car - Nostalgia (many grew up with Star Wars, The Nuclear Family (a mother, father, a son, an implied daughter and even a pet dog), cuteness/charm (the child going around, pretending to use the Force on different objects, including the dog and his sister's doll) and references/intertextuality (the white halls of the house recall the corridors in the original Star Wars film, the sister's doll is sat cross legged, much like Yoda, and the use of the iconic music by composer John Williams).

After a short break, we then had to pitch our ideas, using mood boards, a storyboard and mentioning what resources we had acquired over the past week in order to assemble this commercial: Ours was for a L'Oreal lipstick, and our advert featured a girl dancing around the woods with colorful balloons with cross cutting with studio shots of her, the balloons representing the different qualities of the lipstick (light, colourful, vibrant, has 'bounce'). We had decided to film next week on Thursday, we had hired a friend of Jessica's to be our model/actress (after finding no modelling agency would work with us, being a student project), we had hired another friend of hers to compose original music for the advert, we were going to film both at one of the rooms in the Uni, and in the nearby park that would double up as our forest, we had arranged to buy balloons on the day, which would cost around £16 for a dozen, from a shop in nearby Edgware. At this point, after we had recieved an enthusiastic and postive response from peers and Helen, I had to head off.

Closing off, the pitch went really well I thought: Jessica was very clear and firm, and explained fairly well what we were doing and what was needed, the moodboard had a good selection of different lipstick adverts that all put great emphasis on 'buzz words' and the colour of the product, and I only had to come in to explain some of the more logistical details, like schedule, times and where we would do it. Plus, we got some good laughs out of rewatching the Star Wars commercial again, and found a surprising amount of detail involved for what, at a glance, seems so straightforward.

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