Sunday, 10 March 2013

Week 18 (Mon 25 Feb-Fri 1 Mar - Reading Week & Production update)

So now we have come to another Reading Week, the university's classed up way of saying 'Half Term', and, aside from updating the blog, new work began on Thursday with the location shoot, for me and Jessica's L'Oreal lipstick commercial.


Film Schedule for Commercial

Dir.: Jessica McMullen
Prod.: Abel Diaz
Length: 30 secs. 

14 Feb 2013
Meet with partner, discuss advert, do research
Abel Diaz, Jessica McMullen
17 Feb 2013
Discuss plot, begin planning, scouting locations, getting props etc.
Abel Diaz, Jessica McMullen
19 Feb 2013
Check progress, discuss arrangements, prepare for pitch
Abel Diaz, Jessica McMullen
   21 Feb 2013
Pitch to group, finalise details
Abel Diaz, Jessica McMullen, MDX Film Group
28 Feb 2013
Film advert (exteriors)
Abel Diaz, Jessica McMullen, Crew, Model
4 Mar 2013
Film interiors, Log & download clips, begin editing (first rough cut, second rough)
Abel Diaz, Jessica McMullen, Crew, Model
6 Mar 2013
Cont. Edit (colour &, Final edit), Upload to Vimeo
Abel Diaz, Jessica McMullen

Thurs (28 Feb):
We met up at about 1pm to begin filming, Jessica having brought the balloons from Edgware, as well as her camera and lipsticks. We met our actress, who got dressed in a special outfit for the advert, and we headed off to the nearby park, Sunny Hill, to film, yours truly taking on the dutyies of camera and cinematography, as we shot the exterior material of our model going around the woods with the balloons, eventually releasing them in the last shot.

Afterwards, we returned to the Uni, intending to find a photographic studio or free room to shoot our remaining material in. However, we found that the photography studios had been booked out and/or non-available, and that most rooms were occupied and/or did not provide what we needed. We agreed to shut up shop for the day and return together on Monday to finish the shots and edit.

Despite the setback, today's shoot was quite a bit of fun, and it felt great to stretch my practical side here, as well as train my eye to be more aware of details within the frame to get the best picture possible for my director. Both Jessica and our model were very patient and committed to doing the advert properly, and I really have nothing negative to say about them.

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