Thursday, 14 March 2013

Week 19 (Wed 6 Mar - Production update & Thurs 7 Mar - Production Theory 2)

On Wednesday, me and Jessica returned to DMW4 to finish editing, trimming down and even replacing shots in the commercial if we felt they no longer worked or were too many of the same in a sequence (like two or three studio shots back to back would feel bland and samey), then superimposing the need logos (the former we managed by using the Chroma Key effect to cut out the background) and texts with the relevant information (new shades, full lips, soft application etc.) before working on the soundtrack and balancing the levels between the background music and the audio a friend of Jessica's had recorded for us, and finally exporting it and uploading it to Vimeo.

Then, on Thursday, we sat down with the group and watched each others' adverts, providing feedback afterwards, as if we were the company in question. When ours was screened, it was met with generally positive feedback, praising the studio shots, which looked dead-on accurate to actual ones from real commercials, pacing and editing, but they questioned some of the outdoor shots as having questionable framing, especially some of the wide shots, where the green and brown of the ground detracted from main image of the model and disrupted the beauty of the image a little.

To close off, on the production as a whole, I feel that this went really well, in fact, I would go so far as to say, it's been one of the best in the entire year. Jessica was a good partner, very patient, understanding, and didn't bring any sort of ego or arrogance to the project which made her easy to work with, and this whole commercial was her idea, and it was the most unique and difficult of the entire group, who went for the more conventional route of food and technology-based commercials. I felt I had a good input in the project, helping Jessica out with framing, shooting and then lighting shots (and improving my skills with Final Cut, especially with the Keying, which solved a major headache of mine when it comes to film making and made our work seem a lot more professional), and working as just a two-man unit meant we got things done quickly and efficiently, perfect for a project like this with a limited time frame and resources. In the end, I had fun and felt like an active component of this project, something I look forward to again in future projects.

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