Saturday, 20 April 2013

Campaign Production update (Wed 17 Apr) - Shooting

Today was time to finally shoot my 'Ninos Robados' campaign video, the filming only consisting of one long continuous take where we track into a baby's room and then peer into the cot, only to find it empty. To prepare, I bought a cheap, foldable cot from Argos, and rummaged through my attic and pulled out old toys and baby's clothing to use as dressing and props.

At about 12am, I made my way to King's Cross Underground station, and travelled on the Metropolitan line to Ruislip, where I met my producer Harry and our camera op, Alex. We then walked up to our location, the house of a relative of Harry's, and set ourselves up in the upstairs bedroom. After we had done that, I talked with Alex about the tracking shot, which we did handheld, since we didn't have the rails at our disposal, and doing a camera rehearsal with him to make sure we nailed the logistics of the shot down and he knew how to do it efficiently and precisely.

Once we went over it a few times, we then began shooting, doing at least seven or eight takes, the last three changing the tilt down into the cot into pulling the camera up and over the cot and then peering down, making it look more like a person's viewpoint (and complimenting the handheld shooting style better, like as if it was the child's mother). Once finished, we packed up our materials and left, thanking our host for letting us use her home.

To cap off, I really enjoyed today's work: both Harry and Alex were committed and got on with the task at hand, Alex being very attentive to my instructions and following them very closely, and our host was very kind and cheerful, which in turn lent a very positive atmosphere to the proceedings and enabled us to really pour all our energies into this shoot.

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