Friday, 12 April 2013

Easter Break (Tues 2 Apr - Crewing for Campaign short)

Today, after having spent the last few nights communicating back & forth with the producer, I went out to Middlesex to act in a campaign video about Capital Punishment for Gergo (producer) and Catharine (director), with Jack serving as camera op. My role was that of a criminal sentenced to death, and I was required to wear a white shirt, black trousers and black shoes, as well as bring along a jacket and tie (if needed for any reason).

Meeting up with the crew, we went out to Sunny Hill Park, not far from the university grounds, and set ourselves up. What's interesting, however, is as we did that, Jack advised Gergo concerning the premise, which was originally for me to be executed by stabbing: Jack felt this was not accurate to how an execution would really be performed (a concern I also brought up beforehand), as well as how tricky it would be to pull that off convincingly without resorting to lame tricks like shooting from my side to make it look like the blade had penetrated me. It was then decided to change the stabbing to a shooting, sound work being able to take care of that, and we began filming:

First, we did a close up of me, staring coldly into the distance (all of this would be explained later via narration), then pulled back and did a mid shot, before turning the camera around and filming from behind, me having swapped places with Gergo (the idea of this short being that the executioner is no better than the executed) and then 'shooting him' in the head, and then finally turning back around and shooting me from a distance, looming over the body with a cold, unforgiving glance. And with that, we wrapped.

To close off, today was certainly interesting and a bit of fun, since I seldom do on-screen work, and certainly the change in approach worked for the better, I feel, since the stabbing, aside from being difficult to pull off without looking fake and silly, would not fit as well with their idea and instead feel like something that would more belong in a story about hitmen or gang crime. And despite this change, the crew got on with their jobs and worked efficiently, though Jack to a certain extent did dominate for a short while before stepping back.

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