Sunday, 7 April 2013

Week 29 (Thurs 14 Mar - Production Theory 2)

Today, we had our first workshop with Eddie, and we began preparing for our new assignment: making a campaign video. First, we discussed what is a campaign (it is used to convey a message, idea or create awareness, and can be political (such as the massive election campaign in America) or for charity (like for Red Cross, Save The Children, Oxfam, CAFOD etc.) among many other things) and then thought about what the difference is between its aim and its message (what it wants to be, and what it actually conveys. To demonstrate, he pulled up one of our female classmates and asked us to decide what her clothes conveyed about, and then she would tell us what she actually liked).

Next, to really hammer the point home, we watched a bunch of different campaign videos, and made notes on the piece's aims, messages, the intended audience and what it is about:

5 Extra Years
  • About - Childhood obesity, and the ability to give the children of tomorrow five years of their lives back.
  • Aims - To get parents to go to the website to learn more about what they can do.
  • Messages - Deserted playgrounds and sports areas (lack of exercise and misuse of resources), children ask what they would do if they had more time (lost potential), the variety of different children (it's a global problem), the website name at the end (call to action, as its called in the business).
  • Audience - Parents/adults
Sexism on the streets of Belgium
  • About - Sexual harassment on Belgium's streets
  • Aims - To raise awareness and start change with the law
  • Messages - Woman walks down ordinary street and is molested by seemingly normal looking men (can happen anywhere and to any woman).
  • Audience -Lawmakers, local government
Girl Effect
  • About - Empowering girls in developing countries to improve their lives
  • Aims - To get people with power/money to go to the website to learn more about what they can do.
  • Messages - Bold letters and animation (different, eye catching), showing the chain of effect (how everything has a knock on-effect i.e. cow=milk=money=better life)
  • Audience -Local government, people with financial abilities, businesses.
  • About - Make poverty history.
  • Aims - To get people to go to the website to learn more about what they can do.
  • Messages - click every three seconds (show deaths and the 'cheapness' of human life), the white shirts, backgrounds and black hair/skin (the situation is clean cut good/bad, no inbetween)
  • Audience -Teenagers, next generation (using popular celebrities like Liam Neeson, Cameron Diaz, Jamie Foxx, Hugh Grant)
Iseng (reusing bottles as lightbulbs)
  • About - Showing how something as simple as a bottle can be reused to create free light and save money on electricity.
  • Aims - To get people to go to the website to learn more about what they can do.
  • Messages - Poor villagers using their brains to turn old junk into useful items (reuse, don't just throw)
  • Audience -Average consumers
London Cycling Deaths
  • About - Cyclists diein lorry0related accidents, despite lorries being a small part of traffic.
  • Aims - To get people to go to the website to learn more about what they can do.
  • Messages - The flying groceries hitting the road (represents the splatting and crushing of different body parts, shows any ordinary person could have this accident)
  • Audience -People in authority, local government
Iranian Juvenile Executions
  • About - The story of a lawyer in Iran who defended youths from the death sentence
  • Aims - To raise awareness about this horrible event
  • Messages - Lawyer imagines big burly types, but then sees young men being executed (challenging stereotypes of criminals), use of animation (eye catching, stands out)
  • Audience - Foreigners who might not be aware of the story, Humans Rights groups who can fight this.
Our assignment was to go off in pairs and prepare a number of pre-production items for next week (treatment, synopsis, schedule, crew list, research etc.) I ended up with Harry Moon. To conclude, this seems like a very promising but challenging assignment, mainly because I think it'll be easy for us to look at this as a commercial, rather than the grand scheme of things and what longevity this video will have. And having Eddie as our tutor, though not necessarily being the most pleasant, will be brutally honest with us andI feel that'll be of huge benefit in the long term so we can fix things immediately should something in our paperwork and/or final piece not go right.

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