Sunday, 7 April 2013

Week 30 (Thurs 22 Mar - Production Theory 2)

Over the week, me and Harry compiled together the requisite paperwork for today's appointment with Eddie, including a Treatment, Synopsis, Production Schedule, Distribution and research, communicating backforth via email and Facebook. Today, we went in at about 12am (our appointment was for 11:40, but it overran) and went over our idea with Eddie: our campaign was about 'Ninos Robados'/Stolen Children, occurring in Spain between the late 30-mid 70s, where newborn children were taken from their real families by the doctors/nurses/nuns, and sold to wealthier families for adoption, the real parents being told their child had died. Our short would represent this as we track into a child's room, hearing the familiar noises of a parent and her child, playing and being happy, but as we get closer to the cot, the sound becomes harsher, less pleasant as we start to hear crying and screaming, until we reveal that the cot is empty: the child was stolen. AT the end, we put up a link to a petition that the viewers can sign to force the Spanish government to investigate.

Though Eddie felt our premise had potential, he criticized our paperwork and presentation as sloppy, lacking a title page, questioning why the synopsis was part of the treatment rather than its own entity, and questioning how we were going to distribute the picture, given that campaign films don't get on television often and that, even putting it online, would not get it much attention. We had to go back and rethink how we conducted ourselves and this project. Also next week, we have to bring in storyboards and, if relevant/necessary, shot lists and crew/cast listing. To cap off, I am disappointed that things did not go as me and Harry would've liked, but we understand Eddie's criticisms' and we will work to improve it for next week and show we are committed and serious about our idea.

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