Sunday, 7 April 2013

Week 31 (Mon 25 Mar - Storytelling)

Today, our last proper seminar for this subject, in fact, we got into a group and shared our film synopsis with each other, giving feedback afterwards. Mine was for a film called 'A Story Of Maria', based on true stories of Spanish immigrants:

Our tale centers on the titularly named young girl, growing up in Post Civil War Spain in the 1950s. We track her upbringing in a small mountain farming family, her childhood bullying at the hands of both classmates and her male siblings for her intelligence, and the close bond she develops with both her doting grandmother and her tough but kind hearted father.

Upon turning 13, she decides to leave her mountain home and look for work. She travels to Belgium, where her aunt lives, in a dilapidated train no better than one for cattle, who obtains her employment as a nanny and servant for some wealthy Belgians. However, she is regularly humiliated and mistreated by both the spoiled children and the indifferent parents, who force her to sleep in a miniscule room no larger than a closet and feed her little. Because of the family's wealth and status, she is afraid to tell her aunt, until eventually, she reaches breaking point and leaves, seeking employment elsewhere. Six years pass by, and she is in better spirits, earning money and being active socially, and upon returning to Spain, meets her future husband at a local festival. Spending time together, and finding some degree of happiness, his own life troubled by childhood trauma, they decide to marry and emigrate on more, to England, starting a new life for themselves and their future children.

The Feedback from my peers was that, though it had potential to fairly endearing and heartwarming, they questioned the challenges and obstacles the main character faces, feeling that perhaps they had to be a little harder and give us more to root for. Also, maybe work on the 'Happy' ending a bit, and really play with the relationships, since they form a major part of the plot and dynamics. Over the Easter break, we had to work on a treatment for a film, and evaluate our working methods and ideas.

At the end, we said our goodbyes to one another, though I imagine we will see each other around the Uni and probably work again next year. To close off, it was a very lean, simple session and a fairly relaxing way of ending what has been an intriguing and engaging module, thanks to both David's energetic and informed teaching, and the good nature and collaborative nature of the people in the class, always bouncing around ideas and having good fun and laughs many times. I can't say I'm not satisfied, and sort of a tad sad at the end of what has been a good experience and perhaps some of the most fun I've had at any time during my education.

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