Sunday, 7 April 2013

Week 31 (Thurs 28 Mar - Production Theory 2)

Over the past week since our previous engagement, me and Harry have been working on tightening up and improving the treatment and other paperwork based on the criticism we received last time. Also, I prepared the storyboards, one hand drawn, the other done on a computer (sort of a very basic version of the 'Pre-Visualisation' technique a lot of films use these days). We went in at 11:30 (this time, Eddie was running early due to imposing strict time rules on himself) and we went over the idea again, and showed him the storyboards. This time, Eddie was significantly more impressed with, praising our professionalism, vision and the fact that we had a 'call to action' in our short that tied everything together. In fact, he even shook our hands!

Afterwards, Harry and I went off, agreeing to sort out the business of location and crew later on. All I can say is... I'm very happy, and getting a compliment from Eddie is not only a huge surprise, but also a very reassuring and confidence-boosting one, given how strict he is and how notoriously hard to please he has been before. All I can do now is try my hardest and make the best campaign film possible, with my producer just as committed.

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