Thursday, 25 April 2013

Week 32 (Thurs 18 Apr - Editing and Evaluation of Campaign Video)

Now, for the second half of the day, I went to work, editing my Campaign video on the 'Ninos Robados', with my producer Harry supervising. I imported the footage and other materials off one memory card, and then onto another before opening up and preparing the Final Cut project file. After, I began importing all the needed materials into this, and began cutting them together on the timeline, Harry and I discussing pacing, shot length and the use of sound, which was a vital element (originally, we were going to use a loud scream, but Harry felt that was too on the nose and obvious, and we went with crying instead, which plays over the remaining text, which details what happened with these actual children, as well as the 'call to action' for the viewers.

Once done, everything synched up perfectly and the volume mixed right, we exported it as a Quicktime film, to be uploaded later to Vimeo on the MDX Film account. Finished film is now available:

We shook hands and said our goodbyes, thanking each and briefly remarking about our hopes for the film. But enough of that, time to move on to the 'meat and potatoes' of this entry: my evaluation of the whole process making this short film.  I felt that, overall, it was a very positive experience, and probably the best one I've had thus far, and a huge component of that has to do with having a very strong producer in Harry: he was committed throughout, and was on hand when needed to ask for things or check on the process of acquiring the needed resources. He never argued or disputed unnecessarily, and it made my job as a director easier because then I could focus on making something of quality instead of fretting about the other details of the project.

Also, Eddie was very critical and honest with us on both occasions that we had meetings with him, and his advice, I felt, really put us into the correct mindset for a project like this and made us push this a lot harder than perhaps we would have otherwise done, and we both were already very interested and serious about this idea for our campaign. And furthermore, during the shoot, Alex was a great camera man, as I have said before in previous entries, and his assistance and talent made that aspect smoother and easier for me to focus on how to make it as professional and accurate to my vision as possible. Frankly, he's one of the best crew members I've worked with thus far in  my cinematic odyssey. In conclusion, I can't really say much more than that.

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