Thursday, 25 April 2013

Week 32 (Tues 16 Apr - Commuinicating & Thurs 18 Apr - Storytelling)

Today was our last seminar (there was no lecture or screening after), and in honour of that fact, Oliver gave us, in groups, a sort of 'pub quiz' with 60 questions, all relating to films and subjects we had studied on the course (including questions about the different types of cinema, famous directors, tropes and conventions we had studied, and even certain types of grammar). Once completed, we then shared ours with another group, marking theirs. My team, it turns out, got the highest score, with 43/60.

Frankly, there isn't a tremendous amount to discuss here as it boils down to a simple fun activity, though I was irritated by the lack of 'answering' time between questions, as I felt it was too short and didn't give us enough time to discuss or write.

Moving on to the next day (or part of it, as I will cover in the next entry), I went in at 11 for my appointment with David Cottis to discuss my treatment for my film ( a historical biographical drama detailing the life of a young Spanish girl growing up in 50s Spain, and all the hardships she faced climbing out of poverty), and what needed to be done/improved: he felt that, though the core idea had potential, since it was based on real people of the time that I had known personally, he wondered about where the focus of the story was, and about how much time should this film cover of this girl's life (how late into her life can we start this girl's story, and how soon can we end it). Also, remove the prologue concerning the Spanish Civil War, as it is nothing more than glorified info-dumping.

Closing off on that note, I certainly understand and value his criticism of my work, and I admit that bot the prologue and parts of the story were a little bit on the undercooked side, and I will work on those. However, the challenge, for me, really is trying to keep the truthfulness and facts of what really happened to people like this girl, and then how to make it work as a motion picture.

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