Monday, 14 October 2013

Yr2 Week 1 (Tues 8 Oct - Producing and Directing)

Today's introductory session for Producing and Directing began with viewing over a series of shorts made by the previous, some of whom, came in and discussed the production and origin of the films, and we ourselves had to think about the challenges involved. The films were:
  • Gunpowder and Nail Polish - A documentary on a young woman who is a hunter in the Scandinavian tundra, and how she survives out there. Challenges: Travel (and the expenses), the weather & climate (snow and freezing temperatures), Night shoots, making and matching the subtitles to what's being said on screen.
  • Cookie -  a darkly comedic short centering on a group of inept mobsters who have to nab a guy with a certain type of cookie. Challenges: Hiring and working with actors, hiring out locations (fast food shop, warehouse), vehicles (a van), writing and rehearsing a script, hiring a composer.
  • I Am Only Starting - A teenager's life is ruined when he is blackmailed on Facebook. Based on true events. Challenges: Subject material and handling it, tone (not making it light), writing and rehearsing a script, actors, hiring a composer.
Afterwards, they, along with David and Eddie, went over some tips for the coming '2900 experience': like be forward thinking and don't wait until post production to have a full grasp of the story, 
  • make what YOU like and want, otherwise it won't feel genuine or lively. 
  • Have good team morale
  • communication is vital, and must be clear
  • don't bloat, and stay on the point of your film
  • have good production values, so it doesn't feel cheap.
Then, our lecturers went over the core details of what was ahead (our final  result would depend on both a critical analysis, as well as our actual short film) and showed us our timetable (which they say they have revised a number of times, in part, due to the expansion on campus with the Archway students.) Closing thoughts; the challenges will certainly be interesting, given that this piece will be more complex and detailed than what we had done last year in any of our prior pieces, and since we are also studying Screenwriting, we have to make sure everything correlates and can be applicable and makeable, without being lazy or cheap, which will be an incredibly fine line to cross, but I have faith in my classmates and teachers. All I can say right now is; let's not mess this one up!

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