Monday, 14 October 2013

Yr2 Week 1 (Wed 9 Oct - Film and Innovation)

Today's introductory session for Film and Innovation was devoted to Performance and Film, our lecturer being visual/film artist Guy Sherwin. We began by quickly going over the basics of the course (our final assignment will be split between 50% practical and 50% written/research based work.) In part, our later work would involve the use of the double screen technique (two projectors), allowing us to play with form and dimension, especially how space is used. But more on that when we get to that session in the future.

Returning to this one, Guy showed us a collection of art shorts that detailed various pieces where film and light where used to create certain imagery and effects, including some of his own work from various exhibitions. Some of the really interesting ones included:

  • Point Source by Tony Hill, where a wire frame was moved around a light source, change the size and depth of the shadow cast.
  • Take Measure by William Raban, where he measured a reel of film, cut it when it reached the screen, and then played the rest through the project, the footage onscreen counting the feet from screen to projector as it played.
  • Horror Film by Malcolm leGrice, where, using three different projectors with different coloured filters, he was able to change the tint, size and number of shadows on the screen cast from his own body, sometimes causing them to cross or split.
  • Reel Time by Annabel Nicolson, where film strips go through a sowing machines, get punched and then project on the screen in a continous loop.
  • Paper Landscape by Guy, where he paints on a sheet of polythene, as he does so, the film projected is revealed.
  • Man with Mirror, also by Guy, where, as the title implies, he uses a large mirror to reflect and refract the projected film, which also has him holding a mirror, creating a strange optical illusion where sometimes, you forget which Guy is real.
  • Ten Drawings by Steve Farrrer, where through drawings lines on top of the film stock and then projecting it, he was able to make what Guy referred to as 'visual sound', creating a sound almost akin to white noise, with little beeps and boops here and there, depending on the size.
  • Light Music by Lis Rhodes, where through alterations in the images, specifically size of the shapes, she was also able to create the aforementioned sounds.
For assignment, we had to go off, in groups of three and make a quick short, in one take, where something happens, that changes our view of what the object is, and I chose to team up with Gergo and Harry. To cap off,this session was pretty illuminating and quite fascinating: since I primarily am interested in, and much of this course is in did dominated by, story-oriented film making, it's interesting to just look at the medium as a medium, and seeing this work serves as a pretty potent reminder of why, and how a lot can be achieved with little and with very simple ideas, when you boil them down.

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