Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Yr2 Week 3 (Wed 23 Oct -- Film and Innovation)

So today's seminar began, or rather didn't, with a quick go over of the left over shorts from last week; I came up, again, and my short wouldn't play, AGAIN. However, I had already posted it up on facebook and went down well, and I promised Guy I would send him an email with it later in the day. But anyway, moving right along, we turned to today's main subject: pitches for our art films in teams (on top of Hana and Catherine, Gergo was a last minute addition to the team, which was dubbed 'Mixed Nuts' (in honour of the much loathed Steve Martin film from 1994)). However, Hana was not present and Catherine was a little behind, so it fell to me and Gergo to go up, in front of every one, and blather out our ideas, which included:

  • A piece where the two projectors would move, following people wearing white t-shirts upon which, the images would be projected. Sort of a take off of the 'Man with the Mirror' piece that Guy showed us a few weeks back.
  • A two screen piece where two individuals would debate, as if they were in the room together, timed to each other responses and pauses.
  • A piece a projector would project seemingly identical images on both sides of a sheet of polythene, but then the images would 'split' apart i.e. a ball would become two balls, a bird would fly off in two directions, a car would rive off in two directions etc.
To add some more fuel to the creative fire, afterwards, Guy showed more multi-projector/screen pieces, such as Mike Figgis' Timecode (which cuts between four different cameras in real time)m some pieces by Zbigniew Rybcznski (9 screens, each of which connect in some way to another i.e. a bus will drive out of one, and then reappear elsewhere on another screen) and Robert Anderson's Untitled (The Bed Piece) (Where two people are projected on top of abed, and then each one comes and goes on it, never interacting w3ith the other, and creating a ghostly effect).

And with that, time was up and our last session, for the time being, with Guy ended. Next week, we were to begin working with Helen once more, but on a more Post-production oriented side of things. To cap off, once again, it was interesting seeing the different ideas and approaches people took to this project, which though challenging, has been very stimulating and certainly goes against a lot of what we have been used to when it comes to film making. As for the ideas, I like the ones we have thus far, though I feel we could work on them more and try to some interesting and unusual directions, as well as figure out how we can shoot the material needed practically (especially the last one, which relies heavily on symmetrical objects).

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