Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Yr2 Nov Reading Week (Fri 1 Nov - Editing Workshop)

Today, we had an editing workshop for Dual Screen Editing for Guy (Film Innov) in Final Cut. We began with a quick revision of the sidebar tools (Roll for decreasing/increasing the time in a clip, Ripple which slides the edit point around between clips (or can also be type in), Slip which shows the beginning/end of clips, and can move them without cutting/altering the others, and finally Slide, which does the same but does alter the others to accommodate the increased/decreased size of the selected clip).

With that refresher done, We took to doing some multi-camera/screen work, using footage from a review show (oh the irony!), Two Monkeys, which was discussing the 2011 sci-fi western Cowboys & Aliens (and before any inquiry, no, I do not care for this one as much as Lone Ranger. It wasn't a terrible film, and had its moments of fun action and some amusing jokes, but was very paint by numbers in its script and directing). Here, we synced up the sounds of the clapperboard to each clip, and then cemented all three in Modify>Multi Clip, the result all playing in perfect union. Then, to cut to different shots, we marked the in point/out point, and then dragged that over to the second screen until another sidebar came up, and we dragged into there and voila. Done. I' actually surprised how straight forward it is, given that I assumed it would be a little more complex and perhaps would require some other kind of function/option on the programme, or even a crossover with another programme, but nope.

Another quick trick shown was that, by pressing Alt & clicking wice on a Sequence you could then having FCP play that as its own video, and then drag that to the right, again, and turn it into its own proper video. Again, I was relieved and surprised at how simple and straightforward it was, given how much Technobabble there can sometimes and how, if one is not full accustomed to/experienced, it can be easy to get a little lost, even with notes.

And well, that was that. The only other real comment of note to make was that there were only about four other people with me in the class, which, though it made tings quieter and more relaxing, was pretty surprising since this is something that we need for later in the course, and the fact that a a number of my peers can be so lax about is a little concerning.

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