Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Yr2 Nov Reading Week (Mon 11 Nov - Production Meeting/update - Producing and Directing)

Okay, today was fairly sort, so I'll get to the brass tacks: we met up in the Grove building, and got to talking about what we needed to do next to get our production off the round, now that Jack had gone back and reworked the script of Curious Dog:
  • Once he script was finalized, we would begin to storyboard it.
  •  Do a location scout of the flat we intended to use for our lcoation (belonging to Jesper, Alex and Harry), and work out floor plans.
  • Get on with casting, posting on the relevant websites who we needed and when (We would need a young boy circa late teens for our lead, and a woman to be the voice of his mother in flashback. The father had already been cast thanks to Jack utilizing an old contact.)
  • Future meetings would go over other details once all the basics were in place (props, food, risk assessments, costuming etc.)

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