Friday, 13 December 2013

Yr2 Week 7 (Thurs 28 Nov - Producing & Directing adaptation update - Meet with Eddie)

So, after compiling all our paperwork for the adaptation short together into a portfolio (I assisted Jack with the shot list and shooting script), we presented ourselves to Eddie for a talk before we began shooting the following week. His thoughts?

  • Poor treatment, with no mention of distribution, demographic or any specifications aside from synopsis.
  • Due to printing hiccups, our schedule was shrunk to a size that Eddie felt was unreadable.
  • Not enough time for proper editing and all the required stages, since we should have at least two weeks but condensed it down a lot.
Aside from that, though, he seemed fine with our whole shebang, and was less vocal than normal, so at least we didn't come out too scathed fortunately!

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