Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Yr2 Week 8 (Fri 6 Dec - Greenscreen induction)

Today, we had our induction for using Green-screen, though I had some past experience of using back in college, though it was only for tests and one short film that I helped out on. (The best part of that shoot was the actor who played the son of a cancer-stricken woman. His performance was just... well... 'outstanding'(!)).

Just to go over the basic ground rules:
  • Film the background first, as that will determine the lighting, a crucial part of the process.
  • Check the screen for any wrinkles, creases, discolouration, holes etc, otherwise the process will not work properly.
  • Turn off the Sharpen function on your camera, and film in the most uncompressed format you have. 
  • Use a colour reference, and film a clean plate to be completely safe and ensure optimal accuracy.
  • Beware motion blur and excessive movements. To combat this, carefully measure the positions needed for the scene. Also, frizzy hair can present an issue.
  • For any type of tracking shots, use markers and use a wide depth of field.
To hit these points home, we then did a test shoot in groups of 3. We used pampa lights for the background, and a spotlight for our actor. Then, doing all the aforementioned procedures, we shoot a quick few seconds of footage, and then this was imported into the nearby computer where we were quickly shown how to do the basics (using the Keying option to remove the background after using the eyedropper to select a specific colour in the image to remove).

And well, that was that. As I said, this served more a refresher on my greenscreen skills, as I had done them before, though this was considerably more sophisticated, as well as the screens and room being larger than my past experiences. Though I myself have no immediate plans for using this tech, I feel confident enough in the basics to be able to pull it off to a satisfactory degree should it ever be needed.

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