Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Yr2 Week 8 (Mon 2 Dec - Screenwriting the Short Film)

Much like last week, both sessions were devoted towards revising and testing out scripts. The feedback for mine, the noir-slapstick farce Eye in The Shadows, was good, praising it for its wild & cartoonish humour, but there was a definite concern about to what extent I was bringing much new to the table (one of the gags involved a falling piano. Funny, but not exactly original or groundbreaking), as well as some minor feeding back on spelling and organizational errors. In all frankness, I was relieved that the script was working and generating laughs, but I certainly see the validity of the main criticism, and 'll try to go back and retool it so it feels a little fresher, but still have that 40s cartoon/slapstick vibe.

On a side note, I tried to have a meeting today for the interactivity presentation with Gergo and Hana, since the group was split for practicality, but due to Hana's family tragedy and Gergo's own private problems, I had to batten down and finish up the presentation for Helen, taking what we had discussed beforehand, and stringing that together. You'll know more in Wednesday's update.

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