Thursday, 12 December 2013

Yr2 Week 7 (Mon 25 Nov - Screenwriting for the Short Film)

Well, today marked the beginning of the midday workshop, replacing the morning lecture from past weeks. It's fairly straightforward: bring in your script/scenes thus far, read them, using classmates to play certain roles, and get feedback. And the Seminar now effectively served as a continuation of this, for those who did attend this specific workshop or came in late and could not share. Frankly, I don't have much to say personally, since we ran out of time on both occasions before we could get to mine.

That doesn't mean I went without any sort of thought: aside from some minor spelling errors, produced mainly due to my mind thinking and creating faster than my fingers can type, a recurring problem since childhood, I did feel the opening sequence showing the main character's backstory as an 'ordinary Joe' before he becomes a private eye-wannabe didn't mesh tonally with the Noir/Looney Tunes hybrid that I wrote the script of. So I scrapped it, and just went straight into the noir-style narration, squeezing in some of the background info as he began his speech over a vista of the city. Plus, I thought up of a new gag, involving an overweight cake delivery man, an uneven table and a large wedding cake (the joke should be self-explanatory). We'll see if that can be worked into future drafts, though the practical nature is a very different story!

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