Monday, 6 January 2014

Yr2 Week 10 (Mon 16 Dec - Screenwriting the Short Film)

Like past weeks, both of today's sessions with David were devoted towards revising our  scripts. In fact, it was our last session for the year, and one student complained of a lack of farewell treats!

So, my final feedback for Eye in The Shadows? Well, it was good, yet again praising it for its cartoon humour, but there was concern about the believability of the girlfriend character's reaction to her boyfriend's activities, some wondering if it was a little too bombastic and goofy, as well as minor feeding back on some other spelling/grammatical errors I missed. In all frankness, I was relieved that the script was still working and generating a good amount of laughs, but I certainly do see the validity of the primary criticism, and I will go back and retool it so the last scene flows better, as well as maybe tone it down so it doesn't seem too wild and cartoonish. After all, too much of a good thing...

In closing, working with David and the group was great, as they were very supportive and attentive, which makes a great deal of difference to me and my confidence.Also, seeing the vast amount of different and creative ideas on display for my classmates, whether it be Lynchian-style romance, a dark comedy about educated drug dealers or even dark, sexual passion between a doctor and her patient, gave me a new level respect for my already valued classmates and their natural talents.

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