Monday, 6 January 2014

Yr2 Week 10 (Wed 18 Dec - Film and Innovation)

Waking up a 6 today, I got in earlier to begin editing the film down in the Grove's DMW4 suite on Final Cut Pro. However, complications arose, and I nearly threw the damn thing out: the film was incredibly grainy, no doubt brought on by a slight bit of overexposure and my rush yesterday cost us. Also, the two were slightly out of sync by a few seconds, not to mention, despite my careful planning and rehearsal, my shoulder got into the shot a few times when it came to the back view. Even when I cropped and then resize, the grain became more prominent, and though I tried a bunch of filters, none would cut down the grain.

Concerned, I showed the footage to the res of the team, who shared my woes. However, Catherine and Iordache had a last minute brainstorm: we put the film into Windows Movie Maker, synced it up there, and then added the music underneath (we chose a brass piece with a slaptick-y sound to it, a slight bit of meta commentary on our situation). With our fingers crossed, we went into class, and set up the projectors back to back, with the class sat on either side.

Feedback was surprisingly fair, with many feeling it had potential to be expanded, and sort create a continuous sphere of movement with say, thee or four screens, almost like being inside a person's head. With that, we breathed a sigh of relief, and said our thanks. In fact, that's what I wish to say to and about my team: I owe thanks to everyone for pulling through with this, in spite of the odds, whether it be Iordache & Catherine saving the film at the last minute when I was ready to throw in the proverbial towel, or Hana and Andrew   assisting with supplying materials and/or performing on the day, even though the latter had reasons she could not come, she still offered to assist during the edit. I tip my ha to all of you, and let us pray that our next project goes far more smoothly.

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