Monday, 6 January 2014

Yr2 Week 9 (Fri 13 Dec - ADR Induction)

Though I had been in the room previously for the recording of material for the Adaptation short, this my proper induction to the recording studio, as well as the ADR process (Automatic Dialogue replacement): using a short film from a previous year as our base, we each took turns going into the studio and recording lines of dialogue, syncing up and timing with the movement of lips on the screen. Of special note, this film was lead predominantly by women, and most of us in the group were male. Cue falsettos and many a 'Trap' gags.

We also did regular sound, such as he sound of walking heels or even how to simulate the sound of weaponry going through flesh, using a case of fruit supplied by our guide, Pete, as well as an assortment of blades and hammers to demolish melons and cucumbers. Once all this good fun was wrapped up, Pete then went onto Pro Tools in the booth, and began syncing up the recordings, creating 'guide tracks' with lead-in beeps to get the timing right for syncing, both during and after recording. his was rather simple basics, and Pete assured us both that his services were on hand, should we ever need assistance with this, and that there would another workshop in the future to go over the finer details.

In the end, this was good fun, and though it may not have been overly comprehensive or detailed, we had done a Pro Tools workshop before so we weren't entirely lost or unable to follow Pete, who actually does better teaching small groups and get into it more than say, when he has a whole room of people in a larger space, and frankly, the aforementioned escapades were worth the time spent!

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