Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Yr2 Week 11 (Tues 14 Jan 2014 - Adaptation Short screening)

Happy New Year to one and All, before we start.

Now then, along to today's subject: Now had come the day to screen our team's finished Adaptation short film for Producing and Directing. As you recall, ours was an extract from The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Night-Time. Jack was our director, Tara as Producer, Pat as editor and myself as the D.O.P and Lighting 'man', to be blunt.

So, how did ours fare? Well, it was overall well received, which going towards the tight editing (thank you Pat), perfect music score that fit the scene like a glove with a strange quirky vibe, and an effective and not spoon-feeding use of narration to better get into the head of our eccentric lead. However, it was felt that the set dressing was a little bland and lack in 'spark', there was no establishing shot of the boy's house to set up everything up properly and orientate the audience, and that our lead actor was perhaps not quirky or oddball enough to be someone suffering from Asperger's. Jack and Pat contested this however by pointing out that it would depend on what part of the Autistic spectrum the boy was on, and that they had worked with the actor extensively and done further research on the subject to be as accurate as possible.

As for my own thoughts, as a sort of miniature evaluation: The film was fine, and my lighting work was actually fairly good (not to 'toot my own horn', but it was not an area I had much prior experience in.) The performances were solid, the voice over from the mother during a letter-read scene being especially touching and sincere, and the rest of my thoughts more or less match the class consensus. As a work experience, it was enjoyable, Jack being a very firm and clear leader, as far as the creative side, though Tara's track was a tad spotty at the start, often being late or not showing to meetings on time. However, when it came time to shoot, she pulled together and even cooked the lunch, so, what can I truly say! Pat was more of a support type, lending a helping hand when he could while always showing charisma and focus.

As for the new term, Eddie and David announced the screenplay pool would be up on Monday, and that we would have to get into producer/director pairs ourselves after finding a suitable script. Well, fingers crossed!

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