Monday, 10 February 2014

Yr2 Week 12 (Friday 24 Jan 2014 - Producing and Directing)

Much like Film and Innovation earlier in the week, today was focused on detailing what was ahead for the new term. This included:
  • The assesment is made up of three parts: The actual film (a 10 minute piece based on a script from Screenwriting last term), the main paperwork, backed up the blog here, and an evlauation of the whole affair.
  • The film is, of course, a collaboration, so producer and director alike will recieve the same grade. One cannot afford to not pull heir weight.
  • Next week, we are to pitch our short film. The key topics to cover are: Synopsis, Theme, Genre, Style (and references/influences), demographic, distribution, planning, budget, schedule and a 'Plan B'/contingency.
With that done, we moved onto the real meat of the matter: Eddie took a 'butchers' at each of our scripts, mainly the synopsis, which is crucial when selling a script as it should detail the story, but also emphasize what are it's key qualities. Given that Eddie is the one inspecting, it was anything but a smooth ride. His key criticisms, across the board, were just how generic and bland the descriptions were on the scripts, saying they lacked the aforementioned 'emphasis' and 'selling power', thus not arousing much interest. Add to this some minor grammatical and spelling errors (as well as, in our case, our two lead females having similar sound names (Jenna & Emma)),  and he was blunt in his points: if we were to show up next week and try to sell this film, these needed some major overhauls (ours further disadvantaged by Catherine's first language obviously not being English).

Certainly, a mauling like this one is healthy for us, since it really gets us into gear and moving. In our case, Catherine was not overly worried, admitting readily her shortcomings. However, as her producer, I intend to see things done and soon. Over the coming week, I will work with her on the synopsis, as well as the pitch. She stills maintains her determination, which again, is good for me as it keeps up morale and shows commitment, vital for a healthy and functioning director0producer relationship. I hope luck will smile on us soon....

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