Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Yr2 Week 12 (Thursday 23 Jan 2014 - Producing and Directing - Shattered Reflection development/initial meeting)

As the title implies, I found a script and someone to work with for this project. Today we had our first meeting. The script is question is Shattered Reflection, a drama short about a young woman dealing with the weight disorder Bulimia. The script is written by classmate Catherine (Katarina) Lesko, who will also serve as Director, making this my first job as producer on this course (I have done some beforehand, though mainly on my own projects, never having to deal with the demands of a script like this, with multiple locations, actors and equipment needed.)

Opening our meeting, we asked ourselves what has become Eddie's favourite question: 'What's the Point?' Having read the script, I felt it was about how corrosive the media-spread image of the skinny young woman is, and how it can utterly wreck someone, like the girl in our story. Catherine agreed, and added that she also thought of it as a 'scream for help' by people who have this crippling disorder.

After, we had a general rundown/breakdown of all the elements that comprised the script. Some of these early estimates include:
  • 5 locations, including a bar, a pub, a chicken shop, a flat and a therapy room.
  • A cast of about 9, made up of the 5 five main characters and 4 extras for the pub and bar scenes.
  • The key crew that was of the most concern to Catherine was finding a good cameraman and a good sound recordist (especially poignant after her own troubled experience with sound last term.
  • Booking out a room for auditions and then for rehearsals, as well.
  • Catherine's own schedule, since she worked, so her only true 'free days' were Tuesdays and Fridays. That has to be factored in when discussing the schedule.
  • Finding a composer to avoid using cheap stock music. In mentioned that I had an American friend who was also a musician. I will talk to him about availability.
  • Budget, location scouting and filming will also be decided after the schedule is ironed out.
With the key concerns hit, we felt the script had 'legs' and could make for a distinctive and effective short film. I said I would also go off and make a Facebook Group for our team. With that, we bid adieu and possibly prayed....

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