Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Yr2 Week 12 (Wed 22 Jan 2014 - Film and Innovation)

So today properly began the new term, starting off with a rundown of what was in store for Film & Innovation:

  • The Deadline was April 2/9, depending on what groups we were allotted in (more on that later), and our requirements for this term were a proof of concept practical piece, and an essay based on something that made up the aforementioned piece (interactivity, non-linearity, manipulation of sound/image etc.)
  • Though this also went on today, give a presentation next week on the idea (ours was delayed due to my team feeling unprepared and nervous at the present state of our idea, or ideas, as we hadn't selected a final one), detailing the key aspects of it (theme, methods by which it could be made, who is the audience, challenges etc.)
  • Also due next week was a short overview of the essay, detailing the topic chosen, why and how of said topic, and the resources/references that would be required to support the piece. 

At this stage, this are summarisations, as that's the most I can give, since A) our team hasn't settled on a final idea, so I can't be sure yet what I'm going to do and B) this was what most of today was on. Aside from some early presentations from the class, most settling on the idea of a interactive piece, this was pretty straightforward, and I have not much to say as of now.

As for team, I'm sticking with my team from the previous term, though I'm splitting it into two for both ease, as well as easier communication and a more concise workflow, vital for a project that will no doubt be very time consuming and technical. Frankly, I think each of us will need all the help they can get!

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