Monday, 10 February 2014

Yr2 Week 13 (Thurs 30 Jan 2014 - Shattered Reflection update)

This will be a quick one: today, after polishing up our Powerpoint for the pitch (more on that tomorrow), we decided, on Catherine's suggestion, to pay a visit to the pub up he road from the university, since she recalled that students had been able to film. And before you can say 'Carpe Diem', we were there, talking to the manager, Finbar. He seemed fine and dandy with us filming, informing us that the ideal times were 8-12, before the pub opened up. Furthermore, he had an upstairs venue that we double up as a club, which was a huge relief for us, killing two birds with one stone.

Agreed on it, I took down his details to inform him of our intentions nearer to the proper date of filming. I have to say, for my first location scout/hire as a producer, this went incredibly, almost surreally, smooth. Finbar seemed like a decent sort, tall Irishman that he was, and Catherine seemed very pleased with the pub itself as a location for her film. Myself, I agree, and it having dual usability was doubly handy, as well as convenient. So now, let's keep fingers crossed for tomorrow, eh?

Down below is our script breakdown, as later on from that, production schedule and our budget:

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