Monday, 10 February 2014

Yr2 Week 13 (Wed 29 Jan 2014 - Film and Innovation)

And so today, after a slight delay and some uncertainty, was time for us to present our idea for our final piece; an interactive, live haunted house. The full presentation is available below:


The feedback was fairly positive, mostly for the imaginative aspects and possibilities for effects/scares. Naturally, there were concerns about how we could even begin to start building it (though we only need a proof of concept, so a room and a corridor would suffice), and the question of how 'filmic' was this? (Right on the moment, we thought we could change the diary entries into DVD diaries, with a portable player lying about in the room.)

Still, we came out unscathed and enthusiastic: we all knew that this would be very challenging, and we will be researching into a lot of stage magic and tricks to pull the 'scares' in the house and create a surreal and spooky atmosphere. At this point, the key is iron out what is essential and how then that can be made a reality with the, naturally, limited resources and pool of skills we have at our disposal. Naturally, I'm a little nervous, but Hana, whose brainchild this is, seems committed and she's proven herself no slacker in the past, so I think this affair is in safe hands.

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