Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Yr2 Week 15 (Fri 14 Feb - Producing and Directing)

Today was the proper Producing and Directing workshop, only this one was with David, with whom we went over the status of our teams, and then quickly went over the script with the class, just to get a general feedback. Many felt it was improved over its previous version, such as the more clear distinction between Jenna and Emily as opposed to Jenna and Emma last time, and it was a little more concise and clear. However, some raised the issue of location, specifically the therapy scene, which we had planned to dress up a room in Uni, but the class felt it wouldn't be effective enough (even though British therapy rooms have that white, clinical appearance, lacking the more lavish dress nof their more iconic American counterparts.)

Frankly, location is presenting the biggest logistical headache right now, but I intend to remedy that soon, and may consider looking into actual flats for film hire, though it may be a little costly. As a producer, I must look out for the good of the production, regardless of roadblocks and issues.

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