Friday, 28 February 2014

Yr2 Week 16 (Fri 21 Feb - Producing & Directing/Shattered Reflection update)

In today's workshop, we began by doing a quick recap on camera setups by looking at a scene from David Fincher's iconic thriller, Se7en (1996). The scene is from around the start of the killings, shortly after the discovery of the fat man (sin of gluttony), and Freeman's character is trying to convince his superior to let him take the case. In total, though there were about 46 'shots' (at least, in the post-production sense), there were only 9 camera setups for this scene, including one for a large wide shot of the office, three for the different characters in the scene and an assortment of other miscellanea, mostly to create an tense atmosphere between the three arguing men..

The reasons for these choices are simple: economy. You can get through this scene faster, and hit all the key beats, when you do fewer setups, but put them at strategic points in the set. This also helps reduce time spent on things like rigging and lighting changes. To better understand, and also to refresh, we took a look at the shot list, which is divided up into the camera positions, and is not dictated by script, but shooting order.

After that, we got into the meat of today: the director's trying out scenes in front of the class. Katarina, whose short I'm producing. The scene used was from the opening, where our lead, Jenna, is talking with Dr Taylor, a therapist, about her bulimia. The scene went for three times, each time well, but tweaks were made to the dialogue to make it sound less 'scripted' and flow more naturally, as well as helping Katarina iron out little 'kinks' in how these characters would behave, such as having Dr Taylor feel a little wounded at the end, feeling like she cannot help this girl out of her problem.

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