Friday, 28 February 2014

Yr2 Week 17 (Tues 25 Feb - Shattered Reflection update)

Today, we conducted our recce at Finbar's pub.We looked around the ground floor, for our first pub scene, then ascended upstairs to look at their club for our nightclub facility. Satisfied, we gave Finbar a copy of the schedule, and went over the dates and requirements for those shoot days.

After, we went to the chicken shop across the road, and spoke to the manager, who it turns, works in the shop next door. We arranged for permission to shoot, and I was to send him a release form in the coming days. Once that wrapped up, went back to Uni to look around for suitable rooms to use at Uni, roaming around the Williams and Grove buildings, looking for the right place to double as a therapy room. However, our search only turned up two results, most of the rooms being offices or classrooms that just wouldn't cut it.

If I am being perfectly frank, our luck as of late is very shaky, and I am getting worried. Katarina's charisma is carrying me through, but this is certainly a stressful time, as we seem to be getting constant forks and bumps in the road, wherever we go when it comes to actors, resources,. locations etc. I just hope things will start to improve...

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