Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Yr2 Week 16 (Tues 18 Feb - Shattered Reflection update)

Between 3pm and 5pm today, me and my director, Katarina, held our first set of auditions for our cast. We had 1 actress for Jenna, and two for Dr Taylor come in and read for the respective parts. First up, for Jenna, was the actress Paula Brett, a young woman, mid 20s with brunette hair. She even mentioned she was a broadcaster for a local radio station, which is a nice little touch, and also tells she's not naive to the world of entertainment and in particular, presentation.

Katarina's auditions followed this format: She would get the actor/tress to introduce themselves as the character. Just to get a feel of how they see and interpret it. Then, she would have them act out a scene from the script, with Katarina herself playing Jenna, to see how they would play off someone else/give a rudimentary idea of their actual performance. Paula was actually fairly good, giving the role a sense of false confidence and shaky self-justification for her present condition.

Next up were the actors for Taylor, Bridget Mastrocola and Michele Belgrand, both middle aged. Of note, Michele is also French, as evidenced by her skin tone, an olive hue, and her pronounced accent. Anyways, moving alongside from potential political incorrectness, Bridget we found to be the better of the two, giving the role a sort of maternal quality. The issue with Michele was 1) she came in asking what it is she should do. Not the most professional of questions, if you ask me, given that Katarina had sent her prior notice. 2) She used unprofessional terms when in the role of Taylor, refering to her client as having a 'sick mind' when an actual therapist would never be that grossly vulgar or dismissive of a patient/client, especially when discussing them.

From my view, Katarina held herself well, being polite but also clear in what she wanted from the actress, and for me, it was interesting to be able to experience the audition process first hand and she the basics of it. Fingers crossed for the next round.

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