Thursday, 10 April 2014

Yr2 Week 19 (Thurs 13 Mar - Fourth shoot day of Shattered Reflection)

After a small breakfast of juice and Jammy Dodgers, as well as a quick run to the shops for some food restock, the fourth shoot day began, and this time, we had our cameraman available, and also today would mark the shooting of the remaining flat scenes, entailing Southall's arrival as well as Moushall's. 8-8:30 marked the arrival of cast and crew (this time, our cameraman was available and raring to go, so that was a huge relief and help to me) however, I took over sound today as both our sound were out, and helped my director out with lights.
Today's call sheet and risk asses.:

After some rehearsal, 9-12 was the first half of our shoot, where we focused on the scenes with both Emily (Southall) and Jenna (Moushall), first on a wide shot where Emily  tries to console Jenna about her state and the club, but to no avail, followed by a series of MS and CUs on Jenna taking her last, fatal dose of pills, and then going to sleep for the final time. After a quick break, though the team decided to push on past lunch, from 12:30-2:30, we carried on filming, this time on Jenna's remaining scenes, mainly her getting dressed and made up for the club. Taking another quick break, we pushed on more until around 5 or so, filming the rest, with the traffic outside, especially during the school rush, necessitating multiple takes for sound reasons. Done, equipment was packed up for tomorrow's departure (again, via hired cab), and then they departed for the evening

And so, there I was again, looking after the equipment overnight in the flat for the last time, with a cab to pick me up tomorrow morning and transport the equipment back to Hendon. Internet surfing, a cooked pasta dinner, and then a viewing of Jurassic World helmer Colin Trevvorow's Safety Not Guaranteed made up the evening's entertainment. As for the shoot today, despite our small team again, the scenes were shot at a careful yet brisk pace, enabling us to get through a lot within the space of a few hours, testament to Katarina's talents as well as our cameraman's abilities. Shame we couldn't have him sooner, but better late than never.

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