Thursday, 10 April 2014

Yr2 Week 19 (Tues 11 Mar - Second shoot day of Shattered Reflection)

Thanks to a change in schedule to better accommodate the actors as well as using our location more efficiently, we shifted the Thursday shoot and merged with today, filming all of our remaining scenes at The Claddagh Ring pub, covering our scenes at the night club, and then the breakdown in the toilets there.

Today's call sheet and risk asses.:

Much like yesterday, we started at 8am, the crew arriving first though again, our cameraman was not available due to personal reasons, so I stepped in, along with my own camera), followed by our actors, Southall, Moushall and Mark (Jamie) at 8:30. Then, 8:30-9:00 was setup, getting out and positioning lights & camera as well as prepping the boom mic, and our director having rehearsals with the actors. 9:00-10:00 was the first chunk of our shoot, where we focused on the opening wide shot of Emily (Southall) arriving at the club, followed by her joining Jenna (Moushall) and Mark at the bar in a medium wide. Unfortunately, my camera was suffering from technical hiccups, meaning we had to spend a good deal of time reconfiguring and changing lighting in order to capture an image, given its sensitivity to light and dark. After taking a closer shot (around a medium) of the trio taking shots, we moved to the dance floor for the next sequence. This was a major pain, as we both had no extras (despite our intense search and asking across several platforms) and the club lights were incredibly noisy and produced little good light.

We overran a little, so we skipped break and plowed on across 10-12 with taking a number of different shots of the group dancing, and then finally the close-up on Emily suffering a small stomach pain, collapsing and Mark making a condescending remark which causes her to leave. After much ado, we were down to our last half hour there, so my director took the camera, along with our sound ops, and quickly filmed the toilet scene, where Jenna tries to console Emily. Finishing at around 12:30 on the dot, we packed up quickly and left, returning equipment back to the University loan store.

Today was a real and absolute muck-up, and possibly one of the most frustrating shoot days I've ever dealt with in the good couple of years I've been making shorts. Without a proper DSLR, bad resources at our disposal, and the lack of a good background atmosphere in the form of extras and disco lights, the footage really suffered as a by product, coming out really dingy and grainy, and it is a shame. Katarina and I were both really upset and annoyed. and feel that the scene badly needs a reshoot, especially after viewing the dreadful rushes.

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