Thursday, 10 April 2014

Yr2 Week 19 (Wed 12 Mar - Third shoot day of Shattered Reflection)

Today's call sheet & risk asses.:
The next two days were perhaps the most challenging part of our shoot: going to film all of our scenes at Jenna's apartment up at a third floor flat that I had rented out up in Aldgate through the website. 10:00 marked me and Katarina's arrival at Uni to pick up our equipment, which we transported to our rented flat by means of hired taxi. Once there, we unpacked with help from the landlord, Stuart, our one other crew member (sound, as our cameraman was still out and our boom op had suffered a family incident) and the cast (only Moushall) arriving at 11:30 and 12 respectively. To compensate for the shortage, Katarina did camera and I did lights. 

Beginning from about 12:15, we shot with a only a small break at around 1:30 all of the scenes that involved our single actress: her arriving home (MS) and then running to the bathroom and throwing up (tracking, followed by CU and MS), followed by her taking diet pills and going to sleep (another track, followed by CUs). These scenes take place after the pub scene but before the club. Today's shoot went by quickly, and also had to, as our actress had an engagement elsewhere and had to leave at around 3:00, which she did, followed my crew and director at around 3:30.

And so, there I was, looking after the equipment overnight in the flat. Aside from some internet surfing, a quick trip to McDonalds for dinner, and then a viewing of Andrew Niccol's S1mone as evening entertainment, there's not much else. Despite our small team, the scenes shot today were the most straightforward of the shoot thus far, and everyone behaved themselves and worked smoothly, which made my job easier. My continuous regret, however, is both the constant shift in plans as well as just the unreliability of our crew, though not through sloth, but not being proactive enough in informing me of sudden schedule changes. It is very annoying, and always happens at the last moment, leaving me no time to find a replacement. Still, must put on a brave face and push on!

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